What’s New on Social Media?

I have said this in the business I run. Technology is always changing. By now we have all seen a change on our social media. Do you like the changes? Do you know how to use the changes on your different social media sites?

LinkedIn in the past month added stories and a QR code for individuals. So, what does that mean for businesses? What does that do for recruiters? For businesses that add stories to the their already Instagram and Facebook profiles then adding stories works. However, if you are not using Facebook or Instagram, then you will need to start using this feature to gain views. For recruiters this means you can add a story post about a job and potentially get more people to view it. As a recruiter you can even tag the business that is hiring. As for the QR code for individuals, you can send the code of your resume to the person hiring you or you can send it to the recruiter.

Now, was it the right move for LinkedIn to add stories to their social media? I do not believe they should have added stories. Why? Because each social media platform should be different and offer different features.

Facebook now allows you to schedule your Instagram post from Facebook scheduling. A business page now has the option to have a business suite. Scheduling is important because a business needs to schedule social media, so they have a plan to carry out in their marketing, advertising, branding and public relations.

Most people ask me do you like the changes to Facebook? Well yes and no, Facebook made operating the business pages harder. However, the added the ability to schedule an Instagram post making handling social media easier.

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