Confidence… What Social Media Redefined for Me

I have worked in the industry of social media for almost seven years. I love working in this industry. When you think of social media most times people associate it with marketing. And yes, social media does do marketing, but it also does branding, public relations and advertising.

Social media does fix most of your problems. I have seen it or heard it all happen, but it is not what you should focus on as a quick fix to your problems, whether it be making money, marketing, getting leads or increasing business quickly.

Because I knew the benefits and have worked with different people and businesses to do their social media or create their social media content, I can say that social media should give you confidence. But I didn’t feel comfortable doing my own. So during stay home, work safe I continued to work on my own social media. You see I lacked confidence. I am a confident person, but I really hadn’t walked with confidence the past few years.

I allowed other people to put me down. I let other people have a hold on my life and that affected my confidence. So during stay home, work safe it allowed me so many benefits. The benefits are I have grown mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

My confidence is in Jesus Christ and nothing should affect my confidence.

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