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Updated: Nov 17, 2020

We have seen an increase in the use of social media over the past two weeks. Social media has been the new way to communicate, advertise, market and brand your business since 2003. It wasn’t until 2012 that people and businesses “really” started using social media to make an impact.

But if you have not gotten your business on social media or have not used social media to “really” market your business then you might be behind the times. Now during this time, businesses must be capitalizing on social media to make the impact their businesses need.

So what do businesses need to be doing to make sure they are getting the clients that they need? There are three ways your business should be using social media to make an impact on your business. They are the following:

  1. Find groups that can help your niche and business. Groups on Facebook can be a place to post about your business when looking for new clients. This is an avenue that will allow other non-followers to see information about your business and check out your business. When people comment on your post in that group, interact with them.

  2. Use Facebook or Instagram stories. People’s attention span is about 12 seconds. Posting in a story allows for your business to make a quick appearance in a story when you use a hashtag. You won’t always be featured, but the more you post using hashtags the better chance of being recognized in a hashtag story. Play around with the best hashtags for your business.

  3. Share your friend’s business posts. Your friends need you! A simple share of your friend’s post from their business page goes a long way. Your friends will greatly appreciate it. This one share can impact their business by being seen by your friends. Now imagine if 10 people shared with 100 people, that is about 1,000 people who could see this information about 1 business. So help your friend out and post about their business.

If you use these three social media methods then there is a good chance of your business having some new clients or customers. You will need to adapt your marketing on social media to impact new customers or clients.

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